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Traffic Restriction - International Drive


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Public Hearing to prohibit parking for a distance of 2,850 feet along the south side of International Drive between Essjay Road and Sheridan Drive.


“Parking is hereby restricted on the south side of International Drive for a distance of 2,850 feet between Essjay Road and Sheridan Drive."




Supervisor Weinstein moved to open the Public Hearing, seconded by Deputy Supervisor Marette, unanimously approved 6-0,  The Public Hearing was opened at 8:26 PM.


Larry Hunter, Chair of the Traffic Safety Committee presented. 


John Lane, 20 Hidden Ridge Common, spoke of his confusion concerning the wording of the resolution and he wanted to know where the measurement starts and stops.  He stated that International Drive is a cut through to Essjay Road and traffic has increased considerably.  He suggested that parking be prohibited on both sides of the street and if that was not feasible, then restrict parking on the North Side of International Drive for 15 ft before the corner of Essjay.  He also felt that there should be no parking on the curve.


Shirley Wolinsky, Brambly Court, said that the situation has become dangerous as most neighbors are senior citizens.  She also stated that there are doctors offices on International Drive and when people slow down to read the signs the cars behind get frustrated and pass them at high speeds.  She felt that this was a danger and accidents could occur.


Roger Simon, 6 Brambly Ct, felt that parking should be restricted on both sides of International Drive.  He said that visibility is limited and International Drive is now a major thoroughfare.


Joan Simon, 6 Brambly Ct, suggested that some of the cars could use the extra spaces in the Brain and Spine Center as it appears that the people parking on International Drive are going to Independent Health.


Joan Jarmusz, 41 Brambly Ct, stated that parking has increased in the past month and she herself narrowly missed having an accident.  She said that International Drive was also a NFTA Bus Route and is also heavily traveled with commercial business.


Leonard Jarmusz, 41 Brambly Ct, said that he as seen some "near misses” for traffic accidents.  He wants no parking on both sides of International Drive.


Joan Peard, 24 Brambly Ct, questioned why, suddenly, are the Independent Health employees parking on International Drive.  It is an unsafe traffic situation and she is finding it difficult to get out of Brambly Ct.  She supports no parking on both sides of International Drive.


Sherill Rosen, 160 Hidden Ridge Common,  pointed out that the increase in parking on the North side of International Drive has occurred over the past nine months.  She represents the Homeowner’s Association and they are in favor of restricting parking on both sides of the street.  She asked that the situation be corrected before the winter months.


Larry Gersh agrees with restricting parking on the south side of International Drive, but would like to see it restricted on the north side as well.


Jim Tricoli felt that the developers didn’t build enough parking spaces


Frank Sutton represented Independent Health and apologized for the inconvenience and indicated that they are working on a solution.  He said that Independent Health is growing and right now they don’t have enough parking for all of their employees.  They have contracted with 555 International Drive for some additional space.  He said that they are hopeful the situation will be rectified before the snow comes.


Ron Peters said that he knows that buildings need a certain amount of greenspace and perhaps that can be waived so that more parking spaces can be built.


There being no additional speakers from the Public, Supervisor Weinstein moved to close the public hearing, seconded by Councilmember Manna and unanimously approved 6-0.  The public hearing was closed at 8 :55 PM.


Deputy Supervisor Marlette said that the Traffic Safety Board did explore the option of restricting parking on both sides but because of the fire hydrants and berm it made more sense to just restrict it to the South Side and then revisit the situation.










Meeting History

Sep 26, 2011 7:00 PM  Town Board Regular Meeting of the Town Board
MOVER:Barry A. Weinstein, Supervisor
SECONDER:Mark A. Manna, Councilmember
AYES:Barry A. Weinstein, Guy R. Marlette, Mark A. Manna, Richard R. Anderson Sr., Barbara S. Nuchereno, Steven D. Sanders